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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Holidays in Thailand & Malaysia

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Cosmetic Surgery Case Study

"It's amazing how many people would like something fixed but
want someone to have been there and done that before they try it.
Well, I have and that's why I say DO IT."
Before and After Cosmetic Plastic Suregry

Lisa Marie.42

New Zealand
Breast Lift
360 Tummy Tuck
Extended Arm Lift
Extended Thigh Lift

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Facts About Surgery Holidays

Case Study - Tamara's Surgery Holiday In Malaysia

Profession: Domestic Engineer
Age: 32
Country: Australia
Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Cost of holiday:

Approximately $4,500, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 10 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home $12,000 - $15,000

When Tamara's breasts fell flat after her second child, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Before Breast Augmentation
After Breast Augmentation
Breasts that never grew

I have always been self conscious about my flat chest. This has affected my self confidence and makes it really hard to buy nice lingerie and clothes when you don't have the cleavage and breasts to fill them. I have 2 children and whilst they did increase a little during my brief breast feeding they certainly didn't remain any larger.

Growing up you wait in anticipation for your breasts to grow and are told that in told they will and "wait till you have kids". I felt like I had been denied my birthright as a female to have breasts!!

I had always wished for a breast augmentation but thought it was always going to be a dream that was never achievable. I went and had a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Perth but I would never have been able to afford the surgery in Australia. After hearing about Gorgeous Getaways in the media, I looked up their website and never looked back.

I made an initial enquiry and was blown away by the price differences between Australia and the surgeons overseas.

A great start
My best friend and I had always wanted to have breast surgery together so we both booked and headed to KL with great excitement. Gorgeous Getaways were fantastic and put me in touch with other patients who had received the same surgery with my surgeon. This was great as I was able to ask them plenty of questions and get their first hand thoughts and experiences regarding all facets of the surgery, doctors and recovery etc.

I did heaps of research on all aspects of the surgery regarding incisions, brands of implants, the different textures, shapes and profiles available. I found it good to be able to read the surgeons CV on the Gorgeous Getaways website and felt reassured at their wealth of experience.

Before surgery, I tried my best to improve my results/recovery by exercising and maintaining healthy lifestyle, stopped drinking 4 weeks before surgery, took multivitamins and Vitamin C and just before surgery I also took Arnica before and after surgery (as recommended by GG) to minimize bruising and muscle soreness.

Living my dream
It was great to be met at the airport by the Gorgeous Getaways driver (who waited patiently after our delayed flight). I couldn't wait to have my pre surgery consultation with Dr Heng. I was very impressed by his thoughtful and thoroughness to explain all aspects of the surgery. I wasn't nervous at all as I felt comfortable with all the knowledge and research gained before leaving Australia.

Gorgeous Getaways were great throughout my planning stage as I emailed many questions and called numerous times and was always amazed at their prompt and friendly advice.

I chose to have day surgery with Dr Heng at his private clinic, Nicanor Clinic. I was picked up from my hotel at 6.30am by the Gorgeous Getaways driver. After arriving and getting changed for surgery, I was greeted by Dr Heng to be measured and marked up for surgery!!!!!!

I went in for surgery and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. Apart from a little stiffness I was feeling really good and had no ill effects from the anesthetic. I was sitting up and sipping a milo in no time!!

I started to feel a little pain and uncomfortable and the doctors gave me some more pain relief and then I was fine. I was discharged back to my hotel by 2.30 that same afternoon. How great is that!! Dr Heng's staff were great and briefed me before I left and explained all my medications and pain killers etc.

I was totally amazed at how good I felt after surgery - I went out for a bite to eat that night!! Dr Heng is an amazing surgeon. I followed his instructions and tried to get plenty of rest.

Even I was up and going out immediately after surgery, I continued to take my arnica, eat healthy and was taking naps and resting. I did get the chance to do a fair bit of shopping, went to Chinatown, had a manicure and pedicure, went to the fish spa and experienced a fantastic high tea.

On my last day in KL, I went to the Gorgeous Getaways afternoon tea and get together and went with the girls I met to the fish spa again.

This was an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone thinking of traveling for cosmetic surgery!

I had my final consultation with Dr Heng and he was really happy with my recovery and results.

The fun begins
The best thing I loved about my breast augmentation is that I could now shop in an entire store. Before my surgery, I didn't really like shopping as I felt I could only wear clothes which would let me wear a padded bra. I even bought my first sports bra whilst in KL, as I never needed one before and frankly it would have just looked silly before.

I also bought a couple of boob tubes in KL and I must say it felt fantastic to actually have something to put in it and not have to adjust it or pull it up a million times like I would have if I ever wore a strapless dress and bra!!!

I love the injection of confidence I have received to my self-esteem and now feel like a sexy woman. My husband works away and I haven't seen him yet and I can't wait to show him my results.

I really missed my husband and kids when I was away but my kids really loved me coming home, but I think they just wanted mummy to come home with presents!

I can't wait till I can go and be fitted for new bras and start buying lingerie :)

I would definitely recommend doing plenty of research and make sure you are having surgery for the right reasons and for yourself!

Try and get yourself in shape before surgery, take arnica or multivitamins and follow your surgeons recommendations for optimum results and recovery.

My suggestions
Having 2 small children, I feel that I wouldn't have had the rest and recovery I received in KL if I had had surgery in Australia. Sometimes you have to be selfish and look after yourself first, which as a mother never happens cause you always put yourself last. Still feel guilty about leaving my kids but I wouldn't have been able to go without the love and support I received from my family and my kids were fine!!

I loved learning a few of the local words and I must say they get a real buzz out of it as well and I got many smiles and had a lot of laughs with the locals. I think they genuinely appreciate the effort. But this was just my personal choice and may not be for everyone.

I would highly recommend Gorgeous Getaways, I would never have been able to do this without them and felt totally at ease knowing that they only use the best doctors and hospitals. Their after care service is fantastic and was visited by the nurse for 3 consecutive days to check on my recovery. At all times, I have all the contact phone numbers for the GG staff and can contact them at any time.

I really appreciated the before and after service and support whilst overseas. Gorgeous Getaways organizes many get togethers and outings so you never feel alone and I met some great people and exchanged emails etc.
I highly recommend the whole experience!!!


If you would like to speak to Tamara or other clients, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Gorgeous Getaways.