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Case Study - Liz's Surgery Holiday In Malaysia

Age: 56
Country: New Zealand
Procedures: Full Facelift including Upper and Lower Eyes
Cost of holiday:

Approximately $8,000 inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home $32,000+

An inheritance from her mother took years off Liz's appearance and breathed new life into her future.

Before Full Facelift, Upper & Lower Eyes
After Full Facelift, Upper & Lower Eyes
Before Full Facelift, Upper & Lower Eyes
After Full Facelift, Upper & Lower Eyes

A well deserved trip

I had nursed my mother for the year before she passed and I think the stress and grief of this time contributed. I hadn't taken too much care of myself in that year, although I loved that precious last year with her.

I received a small inheritance and this was the catalyst for me doing something purely for myself and a nice little gift from my mother. I used a little from my inheritance to pay for the surgery holiday.

People have for many years said to me "You look tired" even when I thought I looked great. Even when I would visit my mum - if I didn't have makeup and mascara on she would say the same.

From early teen years, I have always looked after my skin, and I think I held up pretty well right up until my early fifties. However when the structure of your face begins to give way to gravity, there isn't a lot that creams can do.

I didn't like the way my neck was sagging and the bags under my eyes couldn't be disguised by concealer. Generally, over the past 3 or 4 years my face was giving way to gravity.

I had read somewhere about Gorgeous Getaways and had looked at the website several times over the past few years.

When my friend and I made the decision to look at options for surgery, we researched several sites on the web. Gorgeous Getaways were the most professional; getting back immediately, having an NZ rep who we could phone at anytime to ask questions. We checked out the surgeons etc and we really felt confident about Gorgeous Getaways because Louise Cogan headed the company and is very personally involved in the day-to-day running of the company.

My husband was intially going to come with us, however he decided not to (I think he had visions of running around after us for two weeks being our "goffa"). It was a good decision as we could just focus on ourselves, be indulgent with spas, shopping, massages etc.

My daughters thought is was great for me, however I did initially tell a couple of friends, but I got mixed and not very positive reactions so I didn't bother.

Onwards to my transformation
We were picked up at the airport by the driver and our rep Jasmine. They were both lovely people and Jasmine explained everything to us. She booked us in at the hotel and later we were collected and taken to Prince Court to have our consultation with Dr Nasir.

I also had requested dentisty, so the following day the driver came and took me to the dentist where he prepared my teeth for bridgework made temporary crowns and repaired several teeth. I had two long sessions over two days to complete as much work as possible because he wanted to get everything done, so I could have the bridge fitted just before I left for home.

The professionalism and quality of the dentistry at DHDC, Dr Larry Au-Yong and his team is second to none. In fact, I fell asleep during much of the work and my lovely driver was there afterwards to ferry me back to the hotel.

Our admission to hospital, was like going into a hotel. Prince Court is a new state of the art clinic (hospital seems to dour for such a lovely place). We had wonderful support and guidance from Jasmine, the nurses and Doctor.

I actually wasn't nervous at all, I was excited as the whole experience was seamless, friendly and professional.

I was gently coaxed awake after surgery by lovely nurses who looked like cherubs with their white gauzey headscarf's.

Jasmine was soon in checking up that I was okay. I was - as soon as I was wheeled back to my room I was getting the nurses to take photos of me. I looked like a martian with the bandages on but I felt great. The care and attention from the surgeon, nurses and Gorgeous Getaways staff were fabulous. The selection, quality and presentation of the food at the hospital is as good as any first class restaurant.

We stayed in hospital 3 nights, including the night prior to surgery. This was one extra than normal as my friend had a little panic attack just as we were getting ready to leave, so the staff got the doctor to her and he decided that she should stay an extra night so I stayed too. They are very considerate and careful and this was a good example of that.

Self-indulgent holiday
We had 5 days of the nurse coming in to tend to our dressings and wounds and Jasmine visited every day. We went out for lunch with Gorgeous Getaways and their other clients on the Saturday (the day after coming out of hospital), all wrapped up in our sunglasses and scarves.

We were given lots of sensible advice by Jasmine on how much to do each day, drinking lots of water, and the right type of cream to buy for bruising. We also had all our medications and ointment provided for us from the hospital so we were pain free and slept well.

Gorgeous Getaways has regular get togethers with all their clients for lunch, spas, massage, morning/afternoon teas, so it's a time to get to know the other clients and share experiences. As everyone is at a different stage of healing, it is very informative and there is great comraderie amongst the group. We met up and went sightseeing and shopping together, with our trusty driver taking us.

Each day my face would change, the bruising subsiding and the swelling reducing. Even though the swelling wasn't completely gone by the time I was going home, I felt and looked fabulous. The whole experience was safe, well organised, friendly, and most of all - fun. It was a real holiday, self indulgent and interesting. KL is a beautiful city with lots to see and do, and I intend to go back with my husband to have a holiday. The people are very nice, helpful and the shopping is great.

Positive reactions all round
It took about a month before the small amount of swelling was really all gone, although people who didn't know me wouldn't have known any different, and those that did, thought I looked great.

Even my friends who had mixed reactions prior, now tell me how good I look.

I still look like me, but I look refreshed and healthy, no longer tired and drawn.

I am much happier with my appearance, it's lovely not to have to "paint my face" to try to look good. Moisturiser, mascara, lipstick and I'm off.

When I wear foundation it goes on so smoothly, that it makes me realise how loose my skin must have been before.

I generally feel good, for having done something purely for me.

A few tips
Take a travel pillow, one of those with tiny beads inside. After face surgery, you need to lay on your back and the pillow is great for tucking into your neck and moulding nicely for comfort.

Use the paw paw cream recommended and take some home if you are a Kiwi (it's an Australian product) its fabulous for scarring, burns, itches, dry lips etc.

We bought some fashion glasses at the market that had clear glass in them. It was good to wear them out at night instead of sunglasses and offsets any bruising that may be around the eyes. Thin Lizzy concealer is perfect for concealing bruises and doesn't sweat off in the heat.

Limit your activities. Even though there is a lot to see and do. Do a little each day but leave time for resting. Do get out with the other clients at Gorgeous Getaways it is supportive and fun.

I have been recommending Gorgeous Getaways to everyone I meet who is interested. My doctor was very impressed with my results and even his receptionist is planning to use Gorgeous Getaways.

The whole team at Gorgeous Getaways make the experience wonderful. Travelling to another country to have surgery is pretty daunting especially if someone is going on their own. However, the personal attention to detail, support, genuine caring and friendliness of the staff, the professionalism and experitise of the doctors and nurses guide you through the whole experience faultlessly.

I felt like I was leaving friends behind when I came home.

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If you would like to speak to Liz or other clients, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Gorgeous Getaways.