Case study - Ann's Surgery Holiday In Malaysia

Profession: Sales Manager
Age: 65
Country: Spain
Procedures: Facelift, Necklift and Tummy Tuck
Cost of holiday:

Approximately $17,000, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 21 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home $50,000+

Ann's transformation reaffirmed her confidence and she's ready to take on the world!

Before Facelift, Necklift
After Facelift, Necklift
Before Facelift, Necklift
After Facelift, Necklift

When all else fails
I had considered plastic surgery many years before but thought it was out of my price range. The thing that bothered me most were my eye bags above and below my eyes. I had them for several years, also a flabby neck.

I came across the website by accident the previous year and did lots of research on the Dr, and felt his credentials and experience were what I was looking for.The website was so easy to navigate and full of very useful information. I traveled with a friend who was afraid of undergoing anesthetic, but she decided to have other treatments that were recommended, since she has been back home she is also delighted with the results.

I decided to go ahead with plastic surgery the the previous year. I knew that this was the only way I could get rid of my dreadful eye bags,and flabby neck. I had tried every cream on the market, and considered other non surgery treatments but when looking into it further I knew that it would not last, or even work properly.

The amazing Dr Jalil
I did not consult surgeons at home as I knew this would be at least three times the price, having been told by two other friends who had been given prices. I choose Gorgeous Getaways because I had done a lot of homework on Dr Jalil and by the reports of other clients who had had surgery through Gorgeous Getaways. I was a little apprehensive about my surgery until I actually met Dr Jalil, then I was completely sure that I was going to do the right thing. I only told my best friend what I was planning and she was very supportive.

I thought the surgeon was just amazing, he made me feel at ease straight away, and made me feel good about myself. The hospital was was excellent except for the food, and the nurse Jasmine that attended to my every need was just incredible, she could not have been more gentle and patient with me.

I was relaxed before I went into surgery as I had complete faith in Dr Jalil. After surgery, it was on the third day that I started to feel human again. I was discharged on the third day after surgery.

I went to lunch the day I left hospital, because I wanted to meet other people who had had surgery. I also went shopping that afternoon with another patient, but on reflection I should have stayed at the hotel and relaxed.

I did everything I was told to help my recovery as I was sure that Gorgeous Getaways knew from experience what was best for me. I had many massages, manicures and pedicures, also I had my eyebrows embroidered (which I was recommended to by Gorgeous Getaways and was delighted with, as it really opened up my eyes.)

Taking on the world
One of the best things was making some really good friends which I hope to visit in their respective countries in the not too distant future. I went home feeling really thrilled and confident in the way I looked.

I feel AMAZING about my new look,although my tummy is still rather swollen, but Dr Jalil has assured me that it will have gone down within six months, and everything else he told me has come true, so who am I to disagree with the expert.

I feel so confident when I meet people, whereas before I was always aware of my saggy eyes. I am now looking for a new job and feel I can tackle anything. I am also going to go to more places where I can meet people who are single like myself.

The most useful tip I can pass on is to listen to the staff from Gorgeous Getaways as they have so much experience in helping people to get over their surgery. My advise to anyone undergoing the same surgery as myself would be to try and relax before surgery as they know that this is what they really want and to just believe in their surgeon as he is the expert and will be only to willing to discuss any fears that they have.

To also relax after surgery and get as much rest as possible, if they are experiencing some discomfort it really will go, so just have a little patience and soon it will all be gone. I speak from experience and I am now over the moon. Gorgeous Getaways service and support is second to none, and very professional right down to the drivers and limousines that are provided for your comfort.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gorgeous Getaways to all my family and friends,I would consider returning again without reservation.

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