Case Study - Louise's Surgery Holiday in Malaysia



Retail Manager




Auckland, New Zealand


Facelift and Rhinoplasty

Cost of holiday:

Approximately NZ$11,000 inclusive of surgery, 5-star accommodation for 13 days, hospital stay, all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home $20,000 - 25,000

Before Facelift and Rhinoplasty
After Facelift and Rhinoplasty

Reclaiming me
Too much exposure to the sun and wind had caused my skin to age & wrinkle. Recently divorced it was time to reclaim "Me". I felt so young inside but my face looked old & tired and I thought "Why shouldn't I have a facelift if it meant I could look good again?"

Having read several great articles about Gorgeous Getaways in various magazines there was no doubt in my mind they were the company I would use. I decided on Dr Jalil because he was the most experienced surgeon and took the opportunity to meet with him when he came to NZ in April. A month later, I was up in KL!!

I told everyone in New Zealand that I was having surgery and many told me I was mad!! I certainly didn't feel it was any more risky having the operation in KL than it was having it in NZ.

On arrival in Malaysia, the Gorgeous Getaways driver was there to meet me and back at Lanson I met up with Stephanie, who did a wonderful job with all organizing of myself and other clients which I suspect kept her very busy! Lanson Place was just perfect, much better than I expected and the staff friendly and helpful.

Anticipating the best
The staff at Ampang Puteri Hospital were so very good and I felt safe and cared for. I was quite relaxed before surgery (just really hungry!!)and felt really positive that the outcome would be good.

After surgery, all I wanted to do was EAT! I spent half of the first day after the op vomiting, but not in any real pain. The tightness of your stretched skin is a weird sensation! I didn't want to look in the mirror because I knew it wouldn't be a good look - not just yet anyway!!

The first sighting of my new face was in the mirror of the lift at Lanson, I was quite swollen & very shiny, but had little bruising. I put the lack of bruising down to taking Arnica, which I started a week or so before my trip. I thought I looked awfully weird but knew it would improve with time.

Pleased as punch
I was discharged the day after my surgery and took things very quietly for the next three days. Just sleeping, eating and watching movies! I felt tired and headachy but only needed Panadol. My delightful nurse Hafsah visited each day to take wonderful care of me. She even bought me some yummy local food. The daily visits from Stephanie, Sal, Elizabeth or Eve were much appreciated.

I started having saunas twice a day and caught up with some of the other clients there. One Saturday, Gorgeous Getaways organized a lunch get together and it was great hearing the other client’s stories. I had a good look around the exciting city of KL and, yes, like everyone, enjoyed the shopping!

Eleven days after the surgery, it was time to return home to NZ with my new look! My friends and family were relieved everything went well for me and they think I look great!

As each day has passed I think the stretched look has eased and my face has softened to a more natural look which I really love. I am so pleased I did this and as I said before "why shouldn't you?"

It certainly is a life-changing experience. No more wrinkles & saggy jowls. Yay!!! And at half the price I would have had to pay in NZ.

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