Case Study - Chrissy's Surgery Holiday in Malaysia

Profession: Housewife
Age: 50
Country: UK
Procedures: Facelift, Breast Augmentation
Cost of holiday: approx £5,500, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 5 star accommodation for 2 weeks, flights to Malaysia and all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home £10,000+

When prices in UK couldn't accomodate her plans for a makeover, Chrissy decided it was time to look beyond the border.

Chrissy Before Surgery
Chrissy After Surgery

Surgery and holiday please!
Although my friends disagreed, I felt I always looked very tired and didn't reflect how I felt inside. I seriously considered having plastic surgery earlier this year.

I sent for a few brochures from home but didn't have a consultation as the prices seemed right out of my budget. Started looking at companies overseas offering surgery and holiday. The idea of recuperating on a beach somewhere overseas clinched it for me - this would give me time to get used to myself before letting other people see me.

After joining the Gorgeous Getaways discussion site and liaising with the Gorgeous Getaways team I felt an instant trust and knew they were for me.

A really professional set up
To be honest, I wasn't the slightest bit nervous - I couldn't wait if truth be told. I told some of my family and friends choosing the ones I could trust not to worry too much. Most of them tried to talk me out of it but I had made up my mind.

The whole set up was so professionally done but very informal at the same time. The surgeon,
hospital staff and the Gorgeous Getaways team could not do enough. Every single thing was taken care of.

We were picked up at the airport on the Wednesday by the GG team. They picked us up at the hotel on the Thursday evening to take us to the hospital to meet Dr Jalil for our consultation.

Dr. Jalil was so ordinary and very humbling - a truly nice person. Surgery was set for the next morning. Again we were picked up by the GG team that morning and taken to the hospital where we were admitted and paid for our surgery. We were then taken to a twin room and I was prepared for surgery. At this stage I was starting to feel nervous.

My GG manager took Norman (my husband) for a typical Malaysian breakfast after walking with me down to theatre. Dr. Jalil spoke to me about the procedure again and also the anesthetist came and talked about what was going to happen to me.

I was wakened after surgery (7 hours later) I felt very uncomfortable. My head felt like it was in a very tight clamp and moving about was very difficult. I was given morphine which I administered myself. This took away the pain. The worst part was not being able to turn or sleep on my side. I was discharged the next afternoon.

A side trip to Borneo
The next day (Sunday) we were scheduled to fly to Borneo, which if I could do it again would have been better a few days later.

We arrived at the Shangri-La Resort which was out of this world and just what we needed for our recuperation. I was on strong pain killers, antibiotics, antibiotic cream and sleeping pills. These were definitely needed as I was still in a great deal of pain.

After a few days each morning I woke, I felt a little bit better. I wasn't able to do any activities except sunbathe, a little swimming. I found if I walked too far my head got the clamp feeling again. By the time we flew back to K.L. (approx. 8 days) I was feeling more like my old self
and really excited about showing everyone at home.

I took Echinacea for help with bruising and swelling.

Completely pleased with my results
Yes, I am very pleased with my results. My face lift is very natural and subtle and isn't obvious that I have had anything done - but I can definitely see the difference. My breast augmentation is different a different story as they are so much bigger and I feel so much more confident in myself.

I definitely feel better about myself.

I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone considering surgery. Every single thing is taken care of and nothing is too much trouble for the hospital staff, hotel staff and especially the Gorgeous Getaways team and of course Dr. Jalil.

I wouldn't even consider travelling alone and having surgery because I have complete trust in the Gorgeous Getaways team.

I would highly recommend it to my friends and family.

“I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone considering surgery.” Chrissy

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