Case study - Jane's Surgery Holiday in Malaysia

Age: 55
Country: Australia
Procedures: Facelift, Rhinoplasty
Cost of holiday:

Approximately $13,000, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 30 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia
Cost of just the treatments at home $30,000+

Jane finally got her lifetime wish and is thrilled with her transformation.

Before Facelift
After Facelift

Taking care of me
I am a mum, wife and support worker for people with disabilities. In my line of work, I am always helping and caring for other people. I enjoy my work, however I had not been feeling good about myself for a long time.

Poeple were always telling me I looked tired and ask me if I was feeling OK. I had spent too much of my life in the sun and it had taken its toll on my delicate English skin. First thing in the morning was the worst. I was peering out under drooping eyelids as well. My husband did not help matters when he told me I was starting to look like a bull dog.

I also had a crooked nose. When I was a girl in school, I used to get teased and kids used to call me eagle beak. I had considered plastic surgery some years ago and had made enquiries with two local plastic surgeons. I was however very expensive and I could not afford to have anything here in Australia.

I had dismissed the idea when last year, I was talking to a friend and she told me how her sister-in-law had been on a Gorgeous Getaways holiday and had a facelift in Malaysia. I was not confident with the idea of having surgery overseas because there are always the botched jobs you read about when things go wrong. However, I kept an open mind and checked out Gorgeous Getaways' website.

I read every testimonial and checked out the surgeon's credentials. It all looked good! I then spoke to my friends sister-in-law about her facelift. She told me she was very happy with both the company and her results from her surgery. I now felt confident enough to go ahead and book my surgery holiday. I chose Dr Jalil as he had the most experience with facelifts and rhinoplasty. My husband and I were having our holidays over the Christmas break so I thought what a great way to start off the new year. A new year and a brand new me.

After the booking arrangements were completed, I started to get excited. I decided to tell only my son and daughter and my two best girl friends. They didn't really approve of it but wanted to know all the details. The day finally arrived and we were off the Kuala Lumpur.

We're finally here!
We were met at the airport in KL by a representative from Gorgeous Getaways. From there were taken straight to our hotel. I chose Lanson Place as it was a popular choice with other ladies having plastic surgery. The hotel was comfortable, clean and had a nice pool for relaxing around when you are recovering after surgery. The hotel staff are used to seeing people following surgery and will treat you as normal.

Soon after arriving we met with two girls from Gorgeous Getaways. They were very friendly and explained all the procedures to us. Outings and lunches are also arranged so you get to meet the other people having surgery with Gorgeous Getaways during your stay. It was great to be able to talk to all the others who were also having work done. Some others were having a face lift and rhinoplasty like myself and others were having a tummy tuck and various other procedures.

We had a couple of days before my surgery so we got to see some of the sights of Kuala Lumpur and do some shopping. On the morning of my surgery, I was picked up from the hotel and taken to Ampang Puteri Hospital. Two other ladies were taken with me, they were going for post surgery checks.

I was by now feeling quiet nervous but when I met with Dr Jalil, he was so friendly and down to earth that I felt a lot more confident. He knew straight away the procedures I required and explained what he was going to do. Next thing I know I was being wheeled into theatre. The lovely nurse talked to me before I was put under.

When I woke up, I remember my vision was blurred. This I was told is normal and my vision returned to normal after a day. I was sick on the first day and had no appetite. The nurses were wonderful and take good care of you after your operation. I was not in any real pain after surgery but I did feel very uncomfortable.

The first few days are the worst and after that each day you start to feel a little better. I found it is best to avoid looking in the mirror too much for the first few days. My face was very swollen and bruised but I was surprised to see how quickly I started to recover. I took arnica tablets and used the arnica cream on the bruising. I believe this may have helped me heal quicker. I also made sure I had a healthy diet and exercised regularly before my surgery. This helps you to make a good recovery.

I was surprised with the number of ladies going on their surgery holiday alone. The girls from Gorgeous Getaways are truly wonderful and they will give you all the support you need. All the same, I was happy to have my husband along with me. We booked a four week stay in Kuala Lumpur. I was glad we had booked longer than recommended as I could take more time to recover and also get to relax and have a holiday. Some of the others had hardly recovered and they had to fly back home.

I look like I feel now
It has now been 9 months since my surgery and I am looking more like my old self again only fresher and not so old and tired. I also have a straight nose, no more eagle beak.

People I knew before my surgery tell me I am looking very well. I have had many compliments and nobody has guessed that I had a facelift. When I look in the mirror now, I look more like I feel on the inside.

I did not to want to look 21 again. I am 55 and I just wanted to look healthy, fresh and not so old worn out and tired as I was looking. My thanks to Dr Jalil who is an excellent surgeon and also to all the wonderful ladies from Gorgeous Getaways. I say if you are thinking of having some plastic surgery done. Go for it! And what better time than over Christmas and the start of the new year.

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